meaning "see, idea, opinion"
onyomi ケン
kunyomi み.る, み.える, み.せる
み・る、み・える、み・せるto look at, to see, to be visible
見みつきみmoon viewing
りょうけんidea; thought; intention; design
見せるみせるto show
見えるみえるto be visible
みつけるmoon viewing (in Autumn)
はなみcherry blossom viewing
けんがくeducational visit
みごとなbeautiful, excellent, fine, splendid, marvelous
見するあじみするto taste, to have a taste of, to sample
お見おみまいcalling on someone who is ill, enquiry (n)
はいけん・する(hum) (pol) seeing, look at (n,vs)
見つかるみつかる(uk) to be found, to be discovered (u-v)
見つけるみつけるto discover, to find (ru-v)
いけんopinion, view (n)
けんとうbe found, aim, estimate, guess, approx (n)
げるみあげるto look up at, to raise one''s eyes, to admire
ろすみおろすto overlook, to command a view of, to look down
みかけoutward appearance (n)
みごとsplendid, magnificent, beautiful, admirable
みだしheading, caption, subtitle, index (n)
かるみつかるto be found, to be discovered (v5r)
けるみつけるto be familiar, to discover, to detect (v1)
みなおすto look again, to get a better opinion of (v5s)
れるみなれるto become used to seeing, to be familiar with
みほんsample (n)
みまいenquiry, expression of sympathy, expression of concern
みまうto ask after (health), to visit (v5u)
見るみるto see, to watch (v1)
けんかいopinion, point of view (n)
めるみつめるto stare at, to gaze at, to look hard at
みおくるto see (a person) off
みおくりseeing one off, farewell, escort (n)
かいけんinterview, audience
へんけんprejudice, narrow view
見るかいまみるto take a peep at, to catch a glimpse of
ゆめみhaving a dream
見るゆめみるto dream (of)
ひけんread, peruse
せんけんshallow view, superficial idea
らえて見ればぬすびとをとらえてみればわがこなりThe thief caught turn out to be one''s own son
見えみえがくれappearing and disappearing
みおとりunfavourable comparison, unfavorable comparison
けるみとどけるto make sure of, to assure oneself of, to see with one''s own eyes, to ascertain
てるみすてるto abandon, to fail, to desert
えるみすえるto gaze at, to stare at, to focus on, to make sure of
ますみすますto observe carefully, to make sure
みなおしreview, reconsideration, revision
見込みみこみforecast, prospects, expectation, hope
見込むみこむto anticipate, to estimate
かすみすかすto see through
みとおしperspective, unobstructed view, outlook, forecast, prospect, insight, foresight, visibility
えっけんaudience (with someone)
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