meaning "going, journey"
onyomi コウ, ギョウ, アン
kunyomi い.く, ゆ.く, -ゆ.き, -ゆき, -い.き, -いき, おこな.う, おこ.なう
い・く、ゆ・く、おこな・うto go, to walk, to carry out
に行くはなにいぢますviewing flowers
行くいくto go
行うおこなうto carry out
行するりょこうするto travel
にぎょうめthe second line
りゅうこうfashion; fad; vogue; craze
行きいきgoing (n)
ぎょうぎmanners (n)
ぎょうじevent, function (n)
ぎょうれつ(1) line, procession, (2) matrix (math) (n,vs)
じっこうpractice, performance, execution (e.g. program)
こうこうfilial piety (adj-na,n)
こうどうaction, conduct, behaviour, mobilization (n,vs)
はっこうissue (publications) (n)
行るはやるto flourish, to thrive, to be popular
へいこう(going) side by side, concurrent, abreast
やこうwalking around at night, night train, night travel
ゆくえone''s whereabouts (n)
りょこうtravel, trip (n,vs)
ぎんこうこうざa bank account
ひこうじょうan airfield, an airport, a flying field
ひこうaviation (n)
さんぎょうこうこくらんclassified ads
ふりこうdefault, nonperformance
行きふゆきとどきnegligence, carelessness, incompetence, mismanagement
せかいぎんこうWorld Bank
だいこうacting as agent
すみともぎんこうSumitomo Bank
しゅうがくりょこうexcursion, field trip
せんこうpreceding, going first, leading, going ahead, taking priority
え行くさえゆくto clear gradually, to get cold gradually
かんこうpublication, issue
しっこう, しゅぎょう, しゅうぎょう, しぎょうenforcement, performance, execution, exercise, service; pursuit of knowledge, studying, learning, training, ascetic practice (practise), discipline
しっこういいんexecutive committee
しっこうゆうよstay of execution, suspended sentence
ぶぎょうmagistrate, shogunate administrator
さんおくさんこうこうdevoted to one''s wife
行きおくゆきdepth, length
躬行じっせんきゅうこうacting up to one''s principles
きふこういact of endowment or donation
りこうperformance, fulfillment, fulfilment, discharge, implementation
へいこうぼうparallel bars
きょうこうさいけつsteamroller voting, steamrollering
じょこうgoing slowly
ぐこうfolly, foolish move
かんこうcustomary practice, customary practise, habit, traditional event
かんこうdecisive action
じて行えばだんじておこなえばきしんもこれをさくWhere there''s a will, there''s a way
しこう, せぎょう, せこう, しぎょうexecution, enforcing, carrying out; giving alms, giving food to the poor or monks
にっぽんぎんこう, にほんぎんこうBank of Japan, BOJ, BoJ
ぼうこうassault, outrage, act of violence
やなぎごうりwicker trunk
りゅうこうせいかんぼうinfluenza, flu
せんこうunderwater navigation, travelling incognito, traveling incognito, travelling in disguise, traveling in disguise
はんこうcrime, criminal act, offence, offense
げんこうpresent, current, in operation
げんこうはんflagrante delicto, caught red-handed
まちぶぎょう(Edo-period) town magistrate
そうごぎんこうmutual savings bank
いこうswitching over to, migration
とっこうvirtuous conduct, virtue, goodness
きこうtraveller''s journal, traveler''s journal
こうぎょうentertainment industry, show business
こうこうcruise, navigation, sailing
だこうmeandering, crawling
ばんこうact of barbarity, brutality, barbarism
行きまりいきづまり, ゆきづまりdeadlock, stalemate, impasse, dead end
行きまるいきづまる, ゆきづまるto reach the limits, to come to the end of one''s tether
使こうしuse, exercise
ぎょうじsumo referee
ぎょうせいしょぶんadministrative measures (disposition)
ぎょうせいそしょうadministrative litigation (action)
こうりportmanteau, wicker trunk, luggage, baggage
こういact, deed, conduct
あんぎゃpilgrimage, walking tour, tour
ぎょうかくadministrative reform
おやこうこうfilial piety
しこうさくごtrial and error
ろんこうこうしょうconferral of honors (honours), according to merits
そうこうrunning a wheeled vehicle (e.g. car), running to program, job, etc., traveling, travelling
すいこうaccomplishment, execution
しゅうこうdisgraceful (scandalous) conduct, shameful behavior, shameful behaviour
ずいこうattendant, follower
行きくもゆきweather, look of the sky, situation, turn of affairs, signs
ひこうdelinquency, misconduct
はんこうcirculation, distribution, promulgation
ひこうていflying boat
きこうhorseback riding
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