meaning "retainer, subject"
onyomi シン, ジン
そうりだいじんPrime Minister
だいじんcabinet minister (n)
こうしんfavorite courtier, favourite courtier
ないだいじん, うちのおとど, うちのおおまえつぎみ, うちのおおおみLord Keeper of the Privy Seal (1885-1945 CE); Minister of the Interior (669-1868 CE)
こくむだいじんMinister of State
かしんvassal, retainer
ちゅうしんloyal retainer, loyal subject
おみ, しんretainer, attendant; Omi (hereditary title; orig. one of the two highest such titles, later demoted to sixth highest of eight); I (used by a servant when speaking to his master), me
いしんsurviving retainer
じゅうしんchief vassal, senior statesman
ばいしんrear vassal, daimyo''s retainer
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