meaning'fertilizer, get fat, fertile, manure, pamper'
立腺肥ぜんりつせんひだいしょうenlargement of the prostate
かがくひりょうchemical fertilizer, chemical fertiliser
ちっそひりょうnitrogenous fertilizer, nitrogenous fertiliser
こえmanure, night soil, dung, fertiliser, fertilizer
肥えるこえるto grow fat, to grow fertile; to have good taste
肥やしこやしmanure, night soil, dung, fertiliser, fertilizer
肥やすこやすto fertilize, to fertilise, to manure, to enrich
ひだいswell, enlarge, corpulence, fatness, obesity
ひりょうmanure, fertilizer, fertiliser
ひまんcorpulence, fatness, obesity
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