meaning "vertical, length, height, self-indulgent, wayward"
onyomi ジュウ
kunyomi たて
たてlength, height (n)
そうじゅうflying (a plane); management, handling, control, manipulation
たてわりdividing vertically, vertical split, top-to-bottom sectioning, division into sections, splitting lengthwise
じゅうだんflying through, cutting across, longitudinal slice
たてがきvertical writing
じゅうおう, たてよこlength and width, every direction, warp and woof, right and left, vertically and horizontally, length and breadth
じゅうおうむじんfreely, right and left, as one pleases
たていと(weaving) warp
じゅうかんrunning through, traversal
たてじく, じゅうじくvertical axis, vertical line; vertical shaft, spindle
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