meaning "truss, arrest, bind, tie, restrain"
onyomi バク
呪縛じゅばくcurse, spell
そくばくrestraint, shackles, restriction, confinement, binding
い縛るはをくいしばるto bear up in tragedy, to stand pain well, to hold one''s temper
きんばくbind tightly; (sexual) bondage
縛めいましめcaution, admonition, warning, lesson; prohibition, ban, commandment, precept; caution, guard; punishment; binding (with rope), binds
縛めるいましめるto bind (with rope, etc.)
縛りつけるしばりつけるto tie
縛りしばりくび(death by) hanging
縛るしばるto tie, to bind
縛にじじょうじばくにおちいるto be caught in one''s own trap
縛りかなしばりbinding hand and foot, temporary feeling of paralysis
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