meaning'general, whole, all, full, total'
 kunyomiす.べて, すべ.て, ふさ
そうりだいじんPrime Minister
そうかいgeneral meeting
そうかいやextortionist that threatens to disrupt stock-holder meetings
そうむgeneral business (affairs), manager, director, adjutant general (mil)
そうごうsynthesis; comprehensive
そうどうめいひぎょうgeneral strike
そうすいcommander, leader
そうかつsynthesis, recap, generalize, generalise
そうかつしゅさいしゃ(electoral) campaign manager
そうしきsupreme command, direction over all
そうぎりmade entirely of paulownia wood
そうりprime minister, leader, overseer (of national affairs), president
そうりふPrime Minister's office, PMO
そうかんinspector general, commissioner
そうとくgovernor-general, governor, viceroy
そうとうsupreme ruler; president (of Taiwan); fuhrer, fuehrer
そうざいside dish, daily (household) dish
そうらんguide, general survey, conspectus, comprehensive bibliography
そうひょうgeneral comment; General Council of Trade Unions of Japan
そうじしょくmass resignation
そうせんきょgeneral election (of the lower house)
そうりょうaggregate amount
そうちょう(college) president, secretary-general
そうりょうじconsul general
そうがくsum total, total amount
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