meaning'node, season, period, occasion, verse, clause, stanza, honor, joint, knuckle, knob, knot, tune, melody'
 onyomiセツ, セチ
 kunyomiふし, -ぶし, のっと
せつやくeconomising, saving
調ちょうせつregulation, adjustment, control
使しせつenvoy, embassy, mission, delegate
り節けずりぶしflaked bonito
かせつauspicious occasion
こっけいせつanniversary of founding (of PRC), national celebration time
の節もものせっくpuppet festival (March 3rd)
なにわぶしnaniwabushi, a kind of sung narrative popular during the Edo period
せっけんeconomy, thrift
せつどmoderation, standard
せっそうconstancy; chastity, fidelity
せつげんretrenchment, curtailment, economy
ふしめturning point, critical juncture; knot
ていせつchastity, virtue, fidelity
かんせつjoints (knee joint, elbow joint, etc.)
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