meaning "species, kind, class, variety, seed"
onyomi シュ
kunyomi たね, -ぐさ
いっしゅa species, a kind, a variety (adv,n)
じんしゅrace (of people) (n)
たね(1) seed, (2) material, (3) cause, source (n)
ひとつぶだねan only child
へいしゅclass C, third class
よぼうせっしゅimmunization, immunisation, vaccination, inoculation
かくしゅがっこうvocational school
ひんしゅkind (of goods), brand; (taxonomical) form; breed, cultivar
さいばいしゅagricultural species
ぎょうしゅtype of industry
きしゅtype of equipment, model
しゅしseed, pit
しゅとう(smallpox) vaccination, inoculation
しゅもくevent, item of business
しゅびょうseeds and seedlings, eggs and hatchlings, (fish) eggs and fry
たねまきsowing seeds, planting seeds, scattering seeds
たねまきsowing seeds, planting seeds, scattering seeds
しゅるいvariety, kind, type, category; counter for different sorts of things
あかげわしゅtype of Japanese cow
しゃしゅcar make, car model
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