meaning "appellation, praise, admire, name, title, fame"
onyomi ショウ
kunyomi たた.える, とな.える, あ.げる, かな.う, はか.り, はか.る, ほめ.る
じしょうself-styled; would-be; calling oneself
かしょうtemporary name
めいしょうname, title
こしょうnaming, giving a name, designation, denomination; nominal
あいしょうpet name
けいしょうtitle of honour, title of honor
称するしょうするto take the name of, to call oneself; to pretend, to feign, to purport
しょうごうtitle, name, degree
しょうさんpraise, admiration, commendation, approbation
さしょうmisrepresentation, false statement
けんしょうrefer to modestly
つうしょうpopular name, nickname, alias
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