meaning "show, indicate, point out, express, display"
onyomi ジ, シ
kunyomi しめ.す
けいじnotice, bulletin (n,vs)
こうじ, こうしedict, public announcement
こくじnotice, bulletin
けいじapocalypse, revelation
てんじexhibition, display
いしひょうじdeclaration of intention
しじindication, instruction, designation, directions
けいじばんbulletin board, display board, notice board, electronic bulletin board, BBS
システムけいじばんシステムbulletin board system, BBS
ていじpresentation, exhibit, suggest, citation
きゅうあいこじcourtship display
示ししめしdiscipline, revelation
示すしめすto denote, to show, to point out, to indicate, to exemplify
しさsuggestion, hint, implication
じこけんじmaking oneself conspicuous, pressing one''s own cause
ひょうじindication, expression, display, presentation
くんじinstruction, direction
こじostentation, display
かいじdisclosure (legal)
でんこうけいじばんelectric scoreboard
もくしrevelation, apocalypse
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