meaning "true, reality, Buddhist sect"
onyomi シン
kunyomi ま, ま-, まこと
真んまんなかthe very middle
まっくらpitch dark
真っまっしろpure white
まりa woman''s name
しんやa man''s name
しゃしんa photograph, a photo, a picture
真をしゃしんをとるto take a picture
まふゆ(in) midwinter
まんなかmiddle, centre (n)
しんけんseriousness, earnestness (adj-na,n)
真っまっくらtotal darkness, shortsightedness, pitch dark
真っまっさきthe head, the foremost, beginning (n)
真っまっすぐstraight (ahead), direct, upright (adj-na,adv,n)
まねmimicry, imitation, behavior, pretense (n)
まねるto mimic, to imitate (v1)
しんくうvacuum, hollow, empty (adj-na,n)
真っまっかdeep red, flushed (of face) (adj-na,n)
真っまっさおなdeep blue, deathly pale, ashen
真っまっさおdeep blue, ghastly pale (adj-na,n)
まじめdiligent, serious, honest (adj-na,n)
真っまっくろな(as) black as ink, jet-black, inky-black
真っまっくろpitch black (adj-na,n)
しゃしんはん(newspaper) cameramen
しゃしんしゅうcollection of photographs, photoalbum
じょうどしんしゅうJodo Shinshu (offshoot of the Jodo sect)
真っまっただなかright in the midst of, right at the height of
真のしんのtrue, real, genuine, proper, utter
しんぎtruth or error, authenticity
しんえんしんじゅcultured pearls
婿まんこ, マンコvagina; screw
まほfull sail
しんいreal intention, true motive, true meaning
しんじゅこうpearl iridescence
しんじゅわんPearl Harbor
しんじゅざいくpearl work
しんそうtruth, real situation
しんくうそうじきvacuum cleaner
しんずいtrue meaning, mystery, essence, quintessence, soul, core, kernel, life blood
まごいblack carp, black koi
まだいtai (species of red Pacific sea bream, Pagrus major)
あおじゃしんblueprint, plan
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