meaning "inter-, mutual, together, each other, minister of state, councillor, aspect, phase, physiognomy"
onyomi ソウ, ショウ
kunyomi あい-
あいてcompanion, partner (n)
すもうsumo wrestling (n)
そういdifference, discrepancy, variation (n,vs)
そうぞくsuccession, inheritance (n)
そうだんconsultation, discussion (n,vs)
もとしゅしょうthe former Prime Minister
しゅしょうthe Prime Minister
ひとりずもうfighting (tilting at) windmills, working oneself up even though there really isn''t anything to fight at; single-person mimicking a wrestling match
じょうしょうprime minister (in ancient China)
ばんしょくさいしょうan incompetent cabinet minister, a figurehead minister
相のいりあいのかねevening bell, vespers bell
えんそうばyen exchange rate
こうしょうWelfare Minister
かわいそうpoor, pitiable, pathetic
つ相よつずもうsumo wrestling in which both wrestlers grasp the other''s belt with both hands
がいしょうForeign Minister
おおずもうprofessional sumo wrestling
さいしょうprime minister
相のさいしょうのきperson qualified for prime minister
かわせそうばexchange rates
あいのりriding together
そうごぎんこうmutual savings bank
そうばmarket price, speculation, estimation
にならないすもうにならないis no match for, can''t hold a candle to
すもうとり, すまいとりsumo wrestler, rikishi
あいぼうpartner, pal, accomplice
あいむじゅんmutually contradictory
そうぞくぜいinheritance tax, death duty
そうだんやくcounselor, counsellor, adviser, advisor
しんそうtruth, real situation
ぞうしょうMinister of Finance
こくいのさいしょうBuddhist priest who is a government minister
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