meaning "boom, prosper, copulate"
onyomi セイ, ジョウ
kunyomi も.る, さか.る, さか.ん
盛んさかんpopularity, prosperous (adj-na,n)
盛りさかりhelping, serving (n)
盛るもる(1) to serve (food, etc.), (2) to fill up
き盛りはたらきざかりprime of life
げんきおうせいbrimming with vitality, full of vigor, full of life
ぜんせいheight of prosperity
しきおうせいmorale being very high, heightened fighting spirit
こうきしんおうせいbrimming with curiosity
おうせいfull of vim and vigor
さいせいきgolden age, best time for
えいこせいすいups and downs of life, vicissitudes of fortune
きりょくおうせいbeing full of energy (drive, motivation, vitality)
あわもりstrong Okinawa liquor
盛りがりもりあがりclimax, uprush; bulge
盛り込むもりこむto incorporate, to include
せいだいgrand, prosperous, magnificent
せいきょうsuccess, prosperity
せいすいrise and fall, ups and downs, welfare, vicissitudes
はんじょうprosperity, flourishing, thriving
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