meaning "products, bear, give birth, yield, childbirth, native, property"
onyomi サン
kunyomi う.む, う.まれる, うぶ-, む.す
おみやげsouvenir (n)
げんさんplace of origin, habitat (n)
すいさんmarine products, fisheries (n)
さんぎょうindustry (n)
さんちproducing area (n)
せいさんproduction, manufacture (n,vs)
みやげpresent, souvenir (n)
はさん(personal) bankruptcy (n,vs)
ざいさんproperty, fortune, assets (n)
のうさんぶつagricultural produce (n)
ふどうさんreal estate
ちゅうさんかいきゅうmiddle class, bourgeoisie
とうさん(corporate) bankruptcy, insolvency, commercial failure, failed business
きょうさんcommunism; Communist Party
きょうさんしゅぎcommunism, collectivism
きょうさんとうCommunist Party
きょうさんとうちゅうおういいんかいCentral Committee of the Communist Party
きょうさんとうさいぼうcommunist cell
きょうさんこっかぐんCommunist bloc
ふくさんぶつbyproduct, side line
ふくみしさんhidden assets
こていしさんfixed assets
こくさんdomestic products
にんさんぷexpectant and nursing mothers
こうさんfixed or real property
しょくさんproduction increase, enhancement of one''s fortune
げんさんreduction in production
さんふじんかmaternity and gynaecology department (gynecology), department of obstetrics and gynaecology (gynecology)
さんぎょうきかいindustrial machinery
さんぎょうかいthe industrial world
さんゆこくoil-producing countries (nations)
ちくさんanimal husbandry
しさんproperty, fortune, means, assets
つうさんしょう(former) Ministry of International Trade and Industry (now Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), MITI
いさんinheritance, bequest, legacy, heritage
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