meaning "furthermore, still, yet"
onyomi ユウ、ユ
しっこうゆうよstay of execution, suspended sentence
ひるなおくらいdark even in the daytime
なおfurthermore, still, yet, more, still more, greater, further, less
猶あらじなおあらじmust not be concluded like this, shall not finish like this
ゆうよpostponement, deferment, extension (of time)
なくゆうよなくwithout delay, promptly
ユダヤ, ゆだやJudea (southern Palestine), Jews
ゆうしnephew (like a son), another child considered as one''s own
なおぎもんがそんA doubt still remains
きそゆうよsuspension of indictment, leaving charge on the file
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