meaning "status quo, conditions, circumstances, form, appearance"
onyomi ジョウ
じょうきょうstate of affairs, situation, circumstances (n)
じょうたいcondition, situation, circumstances, state (n)
げんじょうpresent condition, existing state, status quo (n)
しょうじょうsymptoms, condition (n)
さいそくじょうdun, letter requesting money, etc.
こくさいたいほじょうinternational arrest warrant
いしょくじょうletter of appointment (to a position)
ねんがじょうNew Year''s card
こじょうin form of arch
けいじょうshape, form
じょうじょうしゃくりょうtaking the extenuating circumstances into consideration
さんじょうdisastrous scene, terrible spectacle
ちょうせんじょうwritten challenge
こんすいじょうたいlethargic state, comatose state
しゅいんじょうlicense with a red seal (licence), shogunate license to trade (licence)
ぼうじょうcylinder or rod-shaped
えきじょうかliquefaction, liquefy
かんじょうannulation, ring-forming
かんじょうせんloop line, (transportation) belt line
状腺こうじょうせんthyroid gland
びょうじょうcondition of a disease (patient)
れいじょうacknowledgment, acknowledgement, letter of thanks
きゅうじょうdistress, wretched condition
りゅうじょうgranular, granulated
しょうかいじょうletter of introduction
ざいじょうcharges, nature of offence, nature of offense
ざいじょうきゅうめいclosely examining (questioning) the concrete circumstances of a crime
ひょうしょうじょうtestimonial, certificate of commendation
そじょうpetition, complaint, (legal) brief
がじょうnew year''s card
しょうじょうhonorable certificate, honourable certificate
たいほじょうarrest warrant
すいじょうspindle shaped
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