meaning "boil, cook"
onyomi シャ
kunyomi に.る, -に, に.える, に.やす
煮えるにえるto boil, to cook, to be cooked (v1,vi)
煮るにるto boil, to cook (v1,vt)
佃煮つくだにpreserved food boiled in soy
煮えらないにえきらないhalf-cooked, vague, halfhearted, indecisive
煮やすにやすto cook inside
しゃふつboiling up
にものfood cooked by boiling or stewing
まるにつまるto be boiled down
煮込みにこみstew, hodgepodge
煮込むにこむto cook together, to boil well
ぞうにNew Year dish, rice cakes cooked w. vegetables
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