meaning "bake, burning"
onyomi ショウ
kunyomi や.く, や.き, や.き-, -や.き, や.ける
焼くやくto bake, to grill (u-v)
焼けるやけるto burn, to be roasted, to be sunburnt (ru-v,vi)
やきにくKorean BBQ
焼きやきとりgrilled/roast chicken
えんしょうspread of fire
焼けひやけsunburn; suntan
焼きはまやきfreshly caught seafood broiled at a beach
焼きそばやきそばfried soba
焼きやきものearthenware, pottery, porcelain, china; flame-broiled food (esp. fish); tempered blade
焼き畑やきはた, やきばたburnt fields
焼きやきにくyakiniku (Japanese dish of fried meat), Korean barbecue
焼きやきぶたroast pork
焼けやけあとruins of a fire, fire-devastated area
しょうきゃくincineration, destroy by fire
しょうしdeath by fire
しょうしんじさつburning oneself to death, suicide by fire
ねんしょうburning, combustion
たいやきfish-shaped pancake filled with bean jam
焼きたいやきfish-shaped pancake filled with bean jam
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