meaning "sort of thing, so, if so, in that case, well"
onyomi ゼン, ネン
kunyomi しか, しか.り, しか.し, さ
ぐうぜん(by) chance, unexpectedly, suddenly (adj-na)
ぜんぜんwholly, entirely, completely
しぜんかがくnatural science
いちもくりょうぜんapparent, obvious, very clear
ふしぜんunnatural, artificial, affected, strained
あるぜんちん, アルゼンチンArgentina
りょうぜんclear, obvious
いぜんstill, as yet, as it has been
然としていぜんとしてstill, as yet, as of old
こしょくそうぜんantique-looking, looking hoary with patina
てんねんnature, spontaneity; natural airhead
然ガスてんねんガスnatural gas
てんねんとうsmallpox, variola
てんねんがらす, てんねんしょうしnatural glass
てんねんきねんぶつnatural monument; protected species (animal, habitat, etc.)
とうぜんnatural, as a matter of course
ひつぜんてきinevitable, necessary
ゆうぜんwith an air of composure, calmly
がいぜんindignant, sorrowful; steadfast, determined
せいぜんorderly, regular, systematic, well-organized, well-organised, trim, tidy, accurate
こうぜんelated, triumphant, proud
しょうぜんmanifest, clear, evident, obvious
あんぜんcalm, tranquil
々然きんきんぜんquite joyous, quite cheerful, quite happy
きんきんぜんquite joyous, quite cheerful, quite happy
きんぜんjoyful, cheerful
れきぜんevident, plain, distinct, clear
きぜんfortitude, firmness, resolution
然としてきぜんとしてwith resolution
たいぜんcalm, composed, self-possessed, firm
たいぜんじじゃくhaving presence of mind, self-possessed, imperturbable, calm and self-possessed
こうぜんbroadminded, magnanimous; great and prosperous, vast
然のこうぜんのきuniversal life force (the source of animation for all things); free spirit (i.e. a mindset unencumbered with worldly concerns)
ひょうぜんcasually, aimlessly, abruptly, unexpectedly
ばくぜんobscure, vague, equivocal
さんぜんbrilliance, radiance
こうぜんshining brightly, shining whitely
ちつじょせいぜんin good (perfect) order, in apple-pie order
とつぜんabrupt, sudden, unexpected, all at once
しぜんびょうしゃdescription of nature
然淘しぜんとうたnatural selection
かんぜんsweetly smiling
そうぜんnoisy, confused, uproarious
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