meaning'tide, salt water, opportunity'
しちょうtrend of thought
さくぼうちょうspring tide
うずしおwhirling tides
しお, うしおtide, current; salt water; opportunity
しおひがりshell gathering (at low tide), clamming
しおどきtidal hour; the right time, favourable opportunity (favorable)
ちょうせきまさつtidal friction
ちょうせきひょうa tide table
ちょうりゅうtide, tidal current, trend
しおかぜsea breeze, salt air
しおぶろ(hot) saltwater bath
こうちょうflush, blush
退たいちょうebb tide, waning fortunes
ぼうちょうていtide embankment, seawall
ふうちょうtide, current; tendency
くろしおJapan Current, Kuroshio Current
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