meaning "wet, be watered, profit by, receive benefits, fa"
onyomi ジュン
りじゅんprofit, returns
潤いうるおいmoisture, damp, wetness; richness, warmth, gain, profit; financial leeway
潤ううるおうto be moist, to be damp, to get wet, to profit by, to be watered, to receive benefits, to favor, to favour, to charm, to steepen
潤かすふやかすto soak, to steep, to macerate
潤けるふやけるto become sodden, to swell up
潤すうるおすto moisten, to wet, profit, to enrich, to benefit
潤みうるみblur, moisture, opacity
潤むうるむto be clouded, to be dimmed, to be bleared, to be wet, to get muddy
じゅんたくluster, lustre, favor, favour, abundance, plenty
じゅんかつゆlubricating oil
ほうじゅんrich and prosperous, luxurious, abundant
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