meaning "performance, act, play, render, stage"
onyomi エン
こうえんlecture, address (n,vs)
しゅえんstarring, playing the leading part
こうえんpublic performance; sumo exhibition in a foreign country
がいせんこうえんperformance given after a successful tour abroad
しゅつえんperformance, stage appearance; to act (in a play)
しょえんfirst performance
えんしゅつproduction (e.g. play), direction
えんげきplay (theatrical)
えんだんrostrum, platform
えんそうmusical performance
えんぎacting, performance
えんかenka, traditional-style Japanese popular ballad
えんしゅうpractice, practise, exercises, manoeuvres, maneuvers, practicum
えんぜつspeech, address
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