meaning "pure, purify, cleanse, exorcise, Manchu dynasty"
onyomi セイ, ショウ, シン
kunyomi きよ.い, きよ.まる, きよ.める
清いきよいclear, pure, noble (adj)
せいしょclean copy (n)
せいそうcleaning (n,vs)
せいけつclean (adj-na,n)
せいれんhonesty, integrity, purity and unselfishness
せいれんけっぱくbeing upright and cleanhanded
せいしんfresh, new
しんちょうQing Dynasty, Ch''ing Dynasty, Manchu Dynasty
せいりゅうclear stream
せいじょう, しょうじょうpure, clean, purity
せいりょうcool, refreshing
せいりょういんりょうすいsoft drink
せいちょうclear, serene
せいだくgood and evil, purity and impurity; voiced and unvoiced consonants
せいそう, かわらかrefreshing; neat, tidy, trim
せいしょうspirit, energy
せいさんliquidation, settlement
せいひんhonourable poverty, honorable poverty
せいしゅrefined sake
しゅくせい(political) purge
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