meaning "clean, purify, cleanse, exorcise, Manchu Dynasty"
onyomi ジョウ、セイ
にんぎょうじょうるりold name for bunraku
り浄あやつりじょうるりold name for the bunraku
あやつりじょうるりold name for the bunraku
ごんぐじょうどseeking rebirth in the Pure Land
せんじょうwashing, cleaning, laundering
じょうかpurification, cleanup
じょうかそうseptic tank, tank for purifying water
じょうどPure Land (esp. the Western Pure Land paradise of Amitabha); Pure Land Buddhism
じょうどしゅうPure Land sect (of Buddhism), Jodo (sect)
じょうどしんしゅうJodo Shinshu (offshoot of the Jodo sect)
じょうすいclean water
じょうるりballad drama; drama narrator for the bunraku theatre (theater)
せいじょう, しょうじょうpure, clean, purity
じじょうself-purification, self-cleansing
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