meaning "wash, inquire into, probe"
onyomi セン
kunyomi あら.う
洗いおてあらいa restroom; lavatory
洗うあらうto clean; to wash
おてあらいfont of purifying water placed at entrance of shrine
せんざいdetergent, washing material (n)
洗いてあらいrestroom, lavatory, hand-washing (n)
せんたくきlaundry machine
せんたくwashing, laundry (n,vs)
せんめんwash up (one''s face), have a wash (n,vs)
かんそうせんたくdry cleaning
ごうせいせんざいsynthetic detergent
み洗いつまみあらいwashing only the soiled part (of a garment)
洗いげるあらいあげるto finish washing, to wash well, to investigate thoroughly
洗いあらいぐまcommon raccoon (Procyon lotor)
せんじょうwashing, cleaning, laundering
のりせんたくのりlaundry starch
ばさみせんたくばさみclothes-pin, clothespin, clothes peg
せんたくばさみclothes-pin, clothespin, clothes peg
せんたくものclothes to be washed, the washing
せんたくのりlaundry starch
せんれんpolish, refinement
洗いさらあらいwashing-up, dish-washing
でんきせんたくきelectric washing machine
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