meaning'peaceful, calm, peace, easy, Thailand, extreme, '
あんたいpeace, security, tranquility, tranquillity
しょうたいShoutai era (898.4.26-901.7.15)
タイ, たいThailand
たいざんlarge mountain, Mt Taishan (China)
して鼠たいざんめいどうしてねずみいっぴきmuch ado about nothing, The mountains have have brought forth a mouse (Aesop)
たいへいpeace, tranquility, tranquillity
たいぜんcalm, composed, self-possessed, firm
たいぜんじじゃくhaving presence of mind, self-possessed, imperturbable, calm and self-possessed
西たいせいthe Occident, the West
西たいせいめいがWestern painting
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