いろは, イロハtraditional ordering of the Japanese syllabary; fundamentals, the ABCs of ...
よは, なごり, なごろwaves that remain after the wind has subsided; after-effect, aftermath
しゅうはすうfrequency (of waves)
かんぱcold wave
はんそうはcarrier wave
はらんtroubles, ups and downs, stormy, uproarious (i.e. relationship)
はきゅうspread, extension, influence, aftereffect, ripple
はろうwaves, surge
はもんripple, ring on the water
ポーランド, ポランド, ぽーらんど, ぽらんどPoland
つなみtsunami, tidal wave
うらなみ(seaside) breakers
のうはbrain waves
あらなみstormy seas, raging waves
しょうげきはshock wave
ちょうおんぱultrasonic waves
ぼうはていbreakwater, mole
なにわがたNaniwa Bay (old name for Osaka Bay)
でんぱelectro-magnetic wave, radio wave; nonsense
でんぱぼうえんきょうradio telescope
でんじはelectromagnetic waves
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