meaning "reign, be at peace, calm down, subdue, quell, govt, cure, heal, rule, conserve"
onyomi ジ, チ
kunyomi おさ.める, おさ.まる, なお.る, なお.す
めいじだいがくMeiji University
治るなおるto be cured, to heal (u-v,vi)
治めるおさめる(1) to govern, to manage, (2) to subdue (v1)
せいじpolitics, government (n)
じちself-government, autonomy (n)
せいじかpolitician, statesman
せいじはんpolitical offense, political offence, political offender
めいじMeiji era (1868.9.8-1912.7.30)
ちあんpublic order
ちりょうmedical treatment, cure
ちゆhealing, cure, recovery
とうじhot-spring cure, taking the baths
とうち, とうじrule, reign, government, governing
じちたいself-governing body, municipality, autonomous entity
じちしょうMinistry of Home Affairs
あらりょうじdrastic measure or treatment
かじ, たんや, かぬちsmithing, blacksmith
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