meaning "spirit"
onyomi キ, ケ
kunyomi いき
き、けいsoul, spirit, stream
きもちa feeling
がいきぶんがいいto feel well
きぶんがわるいto feel ill
げんきhappy, healthy, jolly, cheerful
きちがいmad (crazy)
気のなげんきのないdepressed; low-spirited; cheerless
さむけa chill, a shivering fit
気がきがよわいdo not have the courage
てんきよほうweather forecast, weather report
かんきventilation (n)
きあつatmospheric pressure (n)
気をけるきをつけるto be careful, to pay attention, to take care
けいきcondition, state, business (condition) (n)
たいきatmosphere (n)
きぶんfeeling, mood (n)
つよきfirm, strong (adj-na,n)
呑気のんきcarefree, optimistic, careless, reckless, heedless
き気はきけnausea, sickness in the stomach (n)
へいきcoolness, calmness, composure, unconcern
ゆうきcourage, bravery, valour, nerve, boldness (n)
きおんtemperature (n)
ゆげsteam, vapour (n)
湿しっけmoisture, humidity, dampness (n)
じょうきsteam, vapour (n)
すいじょうきwater vapour, steam (n)
けはいindication, market trend, worry (n)
ようきseason, weather, cheerfulness (adj-na,n)
ふんいきatmosphere (e.g. musical), mood, ambience (n)
でんきlight (manmade)
いっきdrink! (said repeatedly as a party cheer)
じょうしょうきりゅうascending air current, updraft; upward trend, rise in popularity, influence, etc.
ふけいきbusiness recession, hard times, depression, gloom, sullenness, cheerlessness
にんきしっついdecline in public favor, fall in popularity
ていきあつlow (atmospheric) pressure, cyclone, bad temper, tense situation
さむらいかたぎsamurai spirit
げんきおうせいbrimming with vitality, full of vigor, full of life
しょうきaffectation, desire to be impressive
あっさくくうきcompressed air
ちじきgeomagnetism, terrestrial magnetism
かたぎhonest, respectable
しきおうせいmorale being very high, heightened fighting spirit
こうけいきgood times, boom, (wave of) prosperity
いやき, いやけ, けんきdislike, disgust, disinclination, tired of
かぞくてきなふんいきfamily atmosphere
よわきtimid, faint-hearted, bearish sentiment
だきindolence, listlessness
いきけんこうin high spirits, elated
いきけんこうin high spirits, elated
気込みいきごみardor, enthusiasm
いきそそうdepressed in spirits, rejection, disheartened, lacking nerve
はいきexhaust, ventilation
かんきせんventilation fan
のんきcarefree, optimistic, careless, reckless, heedless, happy-go-lucky, easygoing
気のきのどくpitiful, unfortunate, (a) pity
きじょうstout-hearted, firm
きりょくおうせいbeing full of energy (drive, motivation, vitality)
きみsensation, feeling
しいきぜわしいrestless, fidgety, fussy
きがいstrong spirit
きほう(air) bubble (esp. in a liquid)
きほうbladder, vesicle
きしょうweather, climate
きしょうちょうMeteorological Agency
きがるcarefree, buoyant, lighthearted, sprightly; ease
きはくspirit, soul, drive, vigor, vigour
きづかいconsideration, concern, fear, worry, solicitude
きづかうto worry about, to feel anxious about, to have apprehensions of
きえいspirited, energetic
きこつりょうりょう(a person with) strong moral fiber (backbone, determination)
きこつりょうりょう(a person with) strong moral fiber (backbone, determination)
しょうきmarsh gas, methane
の気こうぜんのきuniversal life force (the source of animation for all things); free spirit (i.e. a mindset unencumbered with worldly concerns)
うわきextramarital sex, affair, fooling around; infidelity, wantonness, unfaithfulness, inconstancy, fickleness, caprice
むじゃきinnocence, simple-mindedness
ねっきheat, hot air, enthusiasm
ずいきgood omen
ねむけsleepiness, drowsiness
じきあらしmagnetic storm
ちきchildishness, naivete
くうきこうair pocket, air hole
しゅうきbad smell, stink
じょうききかんsteam engine
はきambition, aspiration
ぐんじゅけいきwar prosperity
いんきgloom, melancholy
気をふんいきをこわすto spoil the mood
でんきせんたくきelectric washing machine
でんきろelectric furnace
かざけ, かぜけslight cold
ききghastly, dreadful
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