meaning "next, order"
onyomi ジ, シ
kunyomi つ.ぐ, つぎ
次々つぎつぎin succession, one by one (adv,n)
次ぐつぐto rank next to, to come after (v5g)
じなんsecond son
もくじa table of contents
次第しだい(1) order, precedence, (2) circumstances
いちじきおくfirst memory
じむじかんpermanent vice-president, undersecretary, vice-minister
にじsecondary, subordinate
ごじゅうさんつぎthe 53 Toukaidou stages
やじhooting, jeering, heckling
次るやじるto jeer (at), to hoot, to boo, to catcall, to heckle
せいむじかんparliamentary vice-minister
じげんdimension; perspective, point of reference, level (of something)
じかいnext time (occasion)
じかんvice-minister, undersecretary
じきnext term, next period; next version, next release
次第にしだいにgradually (progress into a state); in sequence, in order, in turn
じちょうvice-, assistant director, vice-director
ぜんじgradually, slowly, little by little, incrementally
ちくじsuccessively, one after another, sequentially
ていじsuccessively, in order
じゅんじin order, sequential, seriatim
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