meaning "east"
onyomi トウ
kunyomi ひがし
とだいじてらTodaiji Temple
とうなんthe southeast
とうほくthe northeast
ひがしぐちthe east gate
ちゅうとうMiddle East
とうきょうにすむto live in Tokyo
とうようOrient (n)
西とうざいEast and West, whole country (n)
とうきょうとMetropolis of Tokyo
ほくとう, きたひがしnortheast
なんとう, みなみひがしsoutheast
とうあEast Asia, the Orient
とうきょうしょうけんとりひきじょTokyo Stock Exchange, TSE
ひがしがわ, とうそくeast side, east bank
西とうほんせいそうbusying oneself about (something), being on the move, bestirring oneself, on the go, taking an active interest
とうほうToho (Japanese film studio)
とうぐうcrown prince
とうしんEastern Jin (dynasty of China, 317-420 CE)
とうおうEastern Europe
とうかいregion south of Tokyo on Pacific Ocean side of Japan, eastern sea
とうぜんeastward advance
とうどくEast Germany
あずましゃくなげ, アズマシャクナゲAzuma rhododendron, Rhododendron metternichii var.
とうしばToshiba (company)
とうせんmoving (the capital) east
とうほうOriental country, the Orient
とうこうeastern suburbs
きょくとうFar East
東の豕りょうとうのいのこsomeone so ignorant of the outside world that he thinks of himself as one-in-a-million (when really it''s more like one-in-five) (lit: Liaodong pig)
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