meaning "vermilion, cinnabar, scarlet, red, bloody"
onyomi シュ
あけ, ひscarlet, red; blood
朱いあかいred; Red (i.e. communist)
朱をそそぐしゅをそそぐto flush bright red (e.g. of someone''s face)
しゅいんred seal
しゅいんじょうlicense with a red seal (licence), shogunate license to trade (licence)
しゅいんせんshogunate-licensed trading ship
しゅしんred lips
しゅしんこうしred lips and pearly white teeth (said of beautiful women)
朱欒ざぼん, ザボンshaddock, pomelo, Citrus maximus, Citrus grandis, Citrus decumana
しゅがんflushed face
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