meaning "book, origin"
onyomi ホン
kunyomi もと
てほんmodel, standard
ふるほんa used book
ほんやではたらくto work at a bookshop
ベツの本べつのほんanother book, a different book
ほんどうthe main temple building
ほんとtruth, reality (adj-na,n)
ほんにんthe person himself (n)
ほんらいessentially, naturally, by nature
ひょうほんexample, specimen (n)
にほんばしNihonbashi, neighbourhood of Tokyo
にほんかいSea of Japan
ほんものgenuine article (n)
えほんpicture book
にほんちゃJapanese/green tea
みほんsample (n)
にほんごJapanese language
よみかたreading book
本やかしほんやa loan library
ほんぶheadquarters (n)
にほんしゅJapanese sake
ほんなone''s real intention, one''s real motive
ほんかんa main building
ひとつぼほんしゃsmall company headquarters located in Tokyo simply for name value
いっぽんすぎ(a) solitary cryptomeria tree
いっぽんずり, いっぽんづりfishing with a pole
ふくとくほん, ふくどくほんsupplementary reader
だいほんscript, libretto, scenario
きほんfoundation, basis, standard
きほんてきfundamental, standard, basic
こせきしょうほんofficial copy of part of family register
こせきとうほんofficial copy of the family register
しょうほんexcerpt, abridgment, book of selections
ばっぽんてきdrastic, radical
たくほんrubbed copy, folio of rubbings
しんにっぽんせいてつ, しんにほんせいてつNippon Steel Corporation
にほんじん, にっぽんじんJapanese person, Japanese people
にほんとうJapanese sword
にっぽんこうくうJapan Air Lines, JAL
にっぽんぎんこう, にほんぎんこうBank of Japan, BOJ, BoJ
本にほんにしおりをはさむto put a bookmark between the pages of a book
本のほんのmere, only, just
ほんまるinner citadel
ほんけんthis matter or case
ほんかいぎplenary session, regular session
ほんいstandard, basis, principle
ほんみょう, ほんめいreal name
ほんいんぼうgrand master of the game of go
ほんるいbase, stronghold, main fort, home plate
ほんるいだhome run (baseball)
ほんぞんprincipal object of worship at a temple (usu. a buddha or bodhisattva), principal image, idol; the man himself, the person at the heart of the matter
ほんてんhead office
ほんけんちくpermanent construction
ほんきょstronghold, inner citadel, base, headquarters
ほんしmain object, principal object, true aim
ほんかくoriginal method or procedure; serious, orthodox, classical, genuine
ほんかくかregularization, regularisation, getting up speed, proceeding at full tilt
ほんかくてきfull-blown, regular, genuine, earnest, normal, typical, fundamental, real
ほんだなbookshelves, bookshelf, bookcase
ほんらんthis column
殿ほんでんmain shrine, inner sanctuary
ほんばんperformance, take, going before an audience or on-air; game, season, crucial moment; actual sexual intercourse (i.e. not simulated)
ほんしゃくなげ, ホンシャクナゲRhododendron metternichii
ほんしゃ, ほんじゃhead office, main office, headquarters; main shrine; this company, this shrine
ほんせきone''s permanent residence
ほんしthis newspaper
ほんごしstrenuous effort, earnestness, seriousness
ほんぽhead office, main shop
ほんしつessence, true nature, substance, reality
ほんぽうthis country, our country
ほんがんAmida Buddha''s original vow, long-cherished desire
こんぽん, こんげん, ねもとroot, source, origin, foundation, base, principle
こんぽんてきfundamental, basic
くまもとけんKumamoto prefecture (Kyuushuu)
けんていぼんpresentation book
けんぽんsilk used in artwork
きゃくほんscript, screenplay, scenario
じこしほんnet worth, owned capital
とうほんclimbing trees, liana
西にしにほん, にしにっぽんwestern Japan
しょうめいとうほんattested copy
しほんfunds, capital
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