meaning "tree"
onyomi ボク, モク
kunyomi き, こ-
やとうto employ, to hire (v5u)
ふくざつcomplexity, complication (adj-na,n)
ぞうきんhouse-cloth, dust cloth (n)
れるはなれるto be separated from, to leave, to go away
ていでんfailure of electricity (n,vs)
ひつじゅひんnecessities, necessary article, requisite, essential
えるふるえるto shiver, to shake, to quake (v1)
かそうcostume, fancy dress, masquerade, disguise; converted (cruiser)
あわせもつto own (something) as well
きっさtea drinking, tea house
おおのlarge field
かんぜんこようfull employment
かんげんleniency and severity
とぶらい, とむらいfuneral, burial, condolence
ちょうはつてきprovocative, suggestive, lascivious
せんりつmelody, tune
しょうへいpeace, tranquility, tranquillity
しょうたいShoutai era (898.4.26-901.7.15)
じかcurrent value, price, market value
ばんこんlate marriage
ふへんてきuniversal, omnipresent, ubiquitous
わずらうto worry about, to be concerned about, to be afflicted with, to suffer from
きゅうい(pitcher''s) stuff
あやfigure, design; twill weave, pattern of diagonal stripes
まりいきづまり, ゆきづまりdeadlock, stalemate, impasse, dead end
まるいきづまる, ゆきづまるto reach the limits, to come to the end of one''s tether
使こうしuse, exercise
ぎょうじsumo referee
ぎょうせいしょぶんadministrative measures (disposition)
こういact, deed, conduct
あんぎゃpilgrimage, walking tour, tour
耀げんようfalse glitter
がいせんしゃ(right-wing) propaganda truck
がいとうstreet light
がいろroad, street, avenue
がいろじゅroadside trees
ゆうふくaffluence, prosperity
らたいnaked body, nudity
せいきゅうけんclaim rights
りょうとacknowledgement, acknowledgment, understanding, appreciating, excusing
しょげんmany accomplished persons
けいほうalarm, warning
けるゆずりうけるto inherit, to receive, to take over by transfer
ボタンかいボタンmother-of-pearl button
ていそうchastity, virtue, fidelity
ていけつchastity, purity
ついとうかいmemorial services
じこもるとじこもるto seclude oneself, to shut oneself away
あまもりroof leak
いならすかいならすto tame (e.g. animal), to domesticate
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