meaning "time"
kunyomi とき, -どき
とき、じtime, hour, when
くじnine o''clock
よじfour o''clock
どうじsame time
なんじ、いつwhat time, when
じだいtime; a period; an epoch; an age; an era
くじだいbetween nine and ten (o''clock)
時にどうじにthe same time, simultaneously
~時~ときat the time of ~ (adv,n)
時々ときどきsometimes (adv,n)
いちじmoment, time (n-adv,n)
じこくinstant, time, moment (n-adv,n-t)
とうじat that time, in those days (n-adv,n-t)
にちじdate and time (n)
じきtime, season, period (n-adv,n-t)
りんじtemporary, special, extraordinary (n)
とけいa watch, a clock
うでどけいa wristwatch, a watch
じそくspeed (per hour) (n)
いちじかんone hour
たんじかんa short time
じかんわりtimetable, schedule (n)
いちじしのぎmakeshift, temporary expedient, stopgap measure
いちじしきんlump-sum grant
きゅうけいじかんrest time, intermission
そくじprompt, immediate, in real time
しゅうかくじtime of harvest
こふんじだいTumulus period (of Japanese history)
わぬ時のかなわぬときのかみだのみMan turns to God only in his trouble
しろくじちゅうaround the clock, day and night (Note: 4 x 6 = 24)
なつじかんdaylight savings time, summer time
ならじだいNara period (710-794 CE)
にんしんじduring pregnancy, while pregnant
あづちももやまじだいAzuchi-Momoyama period (approx. 1558-1600 CE)
やよいじだいYayoi period (c. 300 BCE-300 CE)
おうじancient times
かいちゅうとけい, かいちゅうどけいpocket watch
こうそくじかんtotal hours spent working
しょうわじだいShowa period (1926-1989 CE)
時はときはかねなりtime is money
じじevents of the day, current affairs
じだいげきhistorical play
じかcurrent value, price, market value
じこうstatute of limitations, lapse of rights after a period of time, prescription; ageing, aging
じはんabout an hour, short time; half past (the hour)
じぎright time, appropriate time, season''s greetings
じきしょうそうbefore its time
じてんpoint in time, occasion
な時ひまなときleisure time
ざんじshort while
あけたかじだい(sumo) era during mid-1990s dominated by grand champions Akebono and Takanohana II
はくほうじだい(sumo) era during 1960s dominated by grand champions Taiho and Kashiwado
ももやまじだいMomoyama period (latter half of the Azuchi-Momoyama period, approx. 1583-1600 CE)
さいじきalmanac of seasonal words (for haiku poets)
しおどきtidal hour; the right time, favourable opportunity (favorable)
しゅんじmoment, instant
つ時くさきもねむるうしみつときthe dead of night
てきじtimely, opportune
かまくらじだいKamakura period (1185-1333 CE)
ずいじat any time, as occasion calls
れいじ12 o''clock (midnight)
ぎしんなんぼくちょうじだいWei, Jin, and Southern and Northern Dynasties period (220-589 CE)
おうごんじだいGolden Age
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