meaning "delicious, relish, show a liking for, purport, will, clever, expert"
kunyomi むね, うま.い
ようしgist, essentials, summary, fundamentals (n)
えいしthe emperor''s instructions
むねcenter (centre), pillar, principle; purport, gist, drift, meaning
旨いうまいskillful, clever, expert, wise, successful; delicious, appetizing, appetising; fortunate, splendid, promising
旨がるうまがるto relish, to show a liking for
旨くうまくskillfully, well, deliciously, aptly, cleverly
旨くいくうまくいくto go smoothly, to turn out well, to do the trick, to have peaceful relations
旨みうまみgood flavor (flavour), good taste, deliciousness; umami (fifth category of taste, corresponding to the flavour of glutamates); skill; profit
ほんしmain object, principal object, true aim
りんじthe Emperor''s command, private message from an emperor
ろんしpoint of an argument, drift of an argument
しゅしobject, intent, aim; meaning, point (e.g. of a statement)
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