meaning'delicious, relish, show a liking for, purport, will, clever, expert'
 kunyomiむね, うま.い
ようしgist, essentials, summary, fundamentals
えいしthe emperor's instructions
むねcenter (centre); purport, gist, drift, meaning
旨がるうまがるto relish, to show a liking for
旨くうまくskillfully, well, deliciously, aptly, cleverly
旨くいくうまくいくto go smoothly, to turn out well, to do the trick, to have peaceful relations
ほんしmain object, principal object, true aim
りんじthe Emperor's command, private message from an emperor
ろんしpoint of an argument, drift of an argument
しゅしobject; meaning, point (e.g. of a statement)
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