meaning "sun, day"
onyomi ニチ, ジツ
kunyomi ひ, -び, -か
いちにちじゅうall day long
sun, day
ついたちfirst day of the month
はつかtwentieth day of the month
きちじつlucky day
ふつかsecond day
みっかthe 3rd day, three days
よっかfourth day of the month
いつかthe 5th day
むいかthe 6th day
なのかthe 7th day
ようかthe 8th day
ここのかthe 9th day
とおかthe 10th day
きゅうじつa holiday
ていきゅうびa regular store holiday
ゆうひsetting sun, evening sunlight
はんにちhalf a day
がんじつNew Year\''s Day
にっこうsunlight, sunshine
りすひがえりするto go and return in one day, to make a day-trip
~日~にち~ day of the month, for ~ days
せんじつthe other day, a few days ago (n-adv,n-t)
とうじつappointed day, very day (n-adv,n-t)
にちじょうordinary, regular, everyday, usual
にっちゅうdaytime, broad daylight (n-t)
たりひあたりexposure to the sun, sunny place (n)
ひがえりday trip (n)
ひづけdate, dating (n)
日日ひにちevery day, daily, day after day (n-adv,n-t)
日のひのいりsunset (n)
日のひのでsunrise (n)
へいじつweekday, ordinary days (n-adv,n)
みょうごにちday after tomorrow (n-adv,n-t)
おとといthe day before yesterday
にちじdate and time (n)
なんようびwhat day of the week
にちようSunday (n-adv,n)
ようびday of the week (n)
なんがつ、なんいちwhat day?
つきひtime, years, days (n)
みかづきnew moon, crescent moon (n)
あさひmorning sun
日するらいにちするto visit Japan
らいにちarrival in Japan, coming to Japan, visit to Japan
にほんばしNihonbashi, neighbourhood of Tokyo
まいにちevery day
にほんかいSea of Japan
せいねんがっぴdate of birth
にちようひんdaily necessities (n)
さいじつnational holiday, festival day (n)
にっていagenda (n)
にほんちゃJapanese/green tea
西にしぐちafternoon sun
にほんごJapanese language
にっかdaily lesson, daily work, daily routine (n)
にほんしゅJapanese sake
ひかげshadow (n)
日おめでとうございますおたんじょうびおめでとうございますHappy Birthday
しちしちにち, なななぬか, なななのか49th day after death
みそか, つごもり, みそlast day of month
さんがにちfirst three days of the New Year (January 1st to 3rd)
の日うしのひday of the ox (esp. in midsummer or midwinter)
りょうじつboth days, two days
ふたなぬか, ふたなのかsecond week''s memorial services
きゅうていびno-court day
ほうきゅうびpay day
ぜんじつall days
しゅっていびcourt day
しょにちfirst or opening day
ぜんじつ, まえびprevious day, the day before
そくじつsame day
どうじつthe same day
ひまわりsunflower, Helianthus annuus
かじつgood day, auspicious occasion
の日どようのうしのひday of the ox in midsummer (during the hottest season), dog days of summer
りし日ありしひdays of yore, the olden days; during one''s lifetime
ざいにちin Japan; people in Japan (esp. Koreans living in Japan, often used as a slur)
つ日あまつひつぎimperial throne
あまつひつぎimperial throne
てんのうたんじょうびEmperor''s Birthday Holiday (Dec 23rd) (Emperor Shouwa''s was April 29th)
ねいじつpeaceful day
たいにちwith respect to Japan, with Japan
の日の祓みのひのはらえpurification ceremony held on the first day of the snake in the third month of the lunar calendar
日おめでとうございますおたんじょうびおめでとうございますHappy Birthday
せんぼつしゃついとうきねんびMemorial Day (US)
み日いみびunlucky day, death anniversary, purification and fast day
しんにっぽんせいてつ, しんにほんせいてつNippon Steel Corporation
日のひのまるoutline of the sun (esp. represented as a red circle); the Japanese flag
ひがさsunshade, parasol
にっかんdaily issue
にっぽうdaily report
にちやday and night, always
にちじょうさはんじeveryday occurrence
にちようばんSunday edition of a newspaper
にほんじん, にっぽんじんJapanese person, Japanese people
にほんとうJapanese sword
にっぽんこうくうJapan Air Lines, JAL
にっぽんぎんこう, にほんぎんこうBank of Japan, BOJ, BoJ
にっこうしんぜんgoodwill between Japan and Hungary
ひやけsunburn; suntan
にっけい(of) Japanese descent
にっこうJapan Airlines
にっしjournal, log
みのひよみのとりkanji "bird of the zodiac" radical (radical 164)
ひぜにdaily income in cash, money paid by daily installments, money paid by daily instalments
ひづけdate, dating
ひやといdaily employment, hiring by the day, day laborer, day labourer
きょくじつrising sun
きょくじつだいじゅしょうGrand Cordon of the Order of the Rising Sun
きょくじつきJapan''s naval ensign, Japanese flag used on military ships
きょくじつしょうてんfull of vigor and vitality (like the rising sun) (vigour), being in the ascendant
きょくじつしょうOrders of the Rising Sun
ついたち, さくじつ, いっぴfirst day of the month; first ten days of the lunar month
ぼうじつcertain day
かいきにっしょくtotal solar eclipse
しゅくじつnational holiday
しゅうじつ, ひねもす, ひめもす, ひもすがらall day, for a whole day
よくじつnext day
西にしにほん, にしにっぽんwestern Japan
きねんびholiday, anniversary, memorial day
ほうにちvisit to Japan
ちゅうにちresident in Japan
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