meaning "new"
onyomi シン
kunyomi あたら.しい, あら.た, あら-, にい-
しんねんnew year
しんしきnew style
しんさくa new production, a new work
新しいあたらしいnew (adj)
しんばしShimbashi, neighbourhood in Tokyo
しんまいnew rice; new person
しんかんせんbullet train (very high speed), shinkansen (n)
しんぶんしゃnewspaper company (n)
しんしゃnew car
しんせんfresh (adj-na)
さっしんreform, renovation
きょうがしんねんHappy New Year!
新たあらたnew, fresh, novel; newly, freshly, re-
しんじんnew face, newcomer; modern humans (from Cro-Magnon man onwards)
しんとうnew (political) party
しんかんnew book, new publication
しんかんしょうかいbook review
しんそつnew (recent) graduate
しんがぽーる, シンガポールSingapore
しんがたnew style, new model
にいづまnew wife
しんにっぽんせいてつ, しんにほんせいてつNippon Steel Corporation
しんきゅうnew and old, incoming and outgoing
しんしゅんNew Year (Spring)
しんかぶnew stocks or shares
しんきじくinnovation, new departure, milestone, breakthrough
にいがたNiigata (city)
にいがたけんNiigata prefecture (Hokuriku area)
しんせいrebirth, new birth, nascent
しんぽnew futures on the first trading session of the month
しんでんa new rice field
しんちくnew building, new construction
しんりょくfresh verdure, new green leaves
しらぎancient Korean kingdom
しんぶんしnewsprint, newspaper
しんぶんきじnewspaper story (article, account)
しんこうrising, developing, emergent
しんめsprout, bud, shoot
西ニュージーランド, にゅうじいらんどNew Zealand
しんきnew, fresh; new customer; new rules or regulations
しんていばんnew and revised edition
しんぷnewly-issued (released) record
しんえいfreshly picked, newly produced
しんちんたいしゃrenewal, replacement, metabolism
こうしんrenewal, update, innovation, renovation
さいしんlatest, newest, late-breaking (news)
せいしんfresh, new
いしんrestoration (e.g. Meiji)
きんがしんねんHappy New Year!
かくしんreform, innovation
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