meaning "reject, retreat, recede, withdraw, repel, repuls"
onyomi セキ
ひん斥ひんせきrejection, ostracism
はいせきrejection, expulsion, boycott, ostracism
はいせきうんどうagitation for expulsion
擯斥ひんせきrejection, ostracism
斥くしりぞくto step back, to move back; to leave (the presence of a superior), to withdraw, to retreat, to concede; to resign, to retire, to quit
斥けるしりぞけるto repel, to drive away, to repulse, to reject
せっこうscout, patrol, spy
せっこうへいreconnoitering party, scout (army)
せっこうたいreconnoitering party, scout (army)
せきりょくrepulsion, repulsive force
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