meaning "sentence, literature, style"
onyomi ブン, モン
kunyomi ふみ, あや
ぶんa sentence
なんぶんwhat minute
れいぶんexample sentence
げんぶんoriginal text
ぶんかculture, civilization (n)
ぶんたいliterary style (n)
ぶんぼうぐstationery (n)
ぶんめいcivilization, culture (n)
ちゅうもんorder, request (n,vs)
ぶんけんliterature, books (reference) (n)
じんぶんかがくsocial sciences, humanities
ぶんしょうsentence, article (n)
ぶんけいsentence pattern
ぶんみゃくcontext (n)
ぶんげいliterature, art and literature, belles-lettres
どうしぶんverb (predicate) sentence
めいしぶんnoun (predicate) sentence
けいどうしぶんadjective (predicate) sentence
ろんぶんthesis, essay, treatise, paper (n)
らかい文やわらかいぶんしょうinformal style
もんぶしょうMinistry of Education
かしらもじan initial letter, a capital
れば文さんにんよればもんじゅのちえtwo heads are better than one
ふつぶんFrench, French writing, French literature
はいぶんprose with a poetic haiku flavor (flavour)
いんぶんいんぶbeing versed in the literary and military arts
じょぶんpreface, foreword, introduction
かいぶんしょobjectionable literature
文はぶんはひとなりThe style is the man
ぶんかくんしょうOrder of Culture, Order of Cultural Merit
ぶんかざいcultural assets, cultural property
ぶんだんliterary world, literary circles
もじばんdial (i.e. labelled face of a timepiece or other measuring device)
もじどおりliteral; literally
ぶんこlibrary, book collection; paperback book
ぶんたんshaddock, pomelo
ぶんしょ, もんじょdocument, writing, letter, paperwork, note, records, archives
ぶんぶliterary and military arts, the pen and the sword
ぶんごうliterary master
ぶんしつひんぴんrefined, handsome and solid in character
じょうぶんtext, provisions (act, treaty)
きかいぶんめいtechnical civilization, technical civilisation
おうぶんEuropean language, foreign text
ひかくぶんがくcomparative literature
かんじぶんかけんcountries which use Chinese characters
かんぶんChinese classical literature; literature written entirely in kanji
ひぶんinscription, epitaph, epigraph
しぶんしょprivate document
しょうかいぶんintroductory essay
けんぶんcolorful pattern, colourful pattern
じょうもんJomon period, straw-rope pattern
こうていぶんaffirmative sentence
えいぶんsentence in English, article in English, English text; English literature (study of)
えいぶんがくstudy of English literature
こうにゅうちゅうもんpurchase order
がぶんelegant (literary) style
いんぶんverse, poetry
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