meaning "organize, arranging, tune, tone, meter, key (music)"
onyomi セイ
kunyomi ととの.える, ととの.う
せいすうinteger (n)
せいびadjustment, completion, consolidation (n,vs)
せいりsorting, arrangement, adjustment, regulation
調ちょうせいregulation, adjustment, tuning (n,vs)
ふせいみゃくirregular pulse, arrhythmia
きんせいsymmetry, balance, proportion, uniformity
整うととのうto be prepared, to be in order, to be put in order, to be arranged
整ったととのったwell-ordered, in good order, well-featured, well-regulated
せいごうadjustment, coordination, integration, conformity
せいけいorthopedics, plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery; smoothing (bursty traffic, etc.)
せいけいげかorthopaedic surgery, plastic surgery
せいぜんorderly, regular, systematic, well-organized, well-organised, trim, tidy, accurate
ちつじょせいぜんin good (perfect) order, in apple-pie order
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