meaning "number, strength, fate, law, figures"
onyomi スウ, ス, サク, ソク, シュ
kunyomi かず, かぞ.える, しばしば, せ.める, わずらわ.しい
たすうa large number, majority
すうじa numeral, a figure
すうがくmathematics, arithmetic (n)
かいすうnumber of times, frequency (n)
かいすうけんbook of tickets (n)
ぐうすうeven number (n)
しょうすうfraction (part of), decimal (n)
すうnumber, figure (n,n-suf)
たんすうsingular (number) (n)
ぶんすうfraction (in math) (n)
せいすうinteger (n)
まいすうthe number of flat things (n)
むすうcountless number, infinite number (adj-na,n)
さんすうarithmetic (n)
かはんすうmajority (n)
けんすうnumber (of things)
さっきょうしすうrice-crop index
ひょうすうnumber of straw bags
さっすうnumber of books
はんすうhalf the number; haploid
しゅうはすうfrequency (of waves)
つぼすうfloor space, area (in tsubo)
ていすうconstant; literal
しょうすうminority, few
のべつぼすうtotal floor space
じゅんかんしょうすうrecurring decimal
しんぱくすうone''s heart rate, pulse rate
こすうnumber of households (houses)
てすうりょうhandling charge, commission
しすうindex, index number, exponent (e.g. in floating-point representation), characteristic
数キロにすうキロにわたるto extend over several kilometers (kilometres)
すうまんtens of thousands
すうちnumerical value, numerics; reading (on a meter, etc.)
すうおくねんseveral hundred million years
すうひきseveral animals
かずおおくin great numbers
すうき, さっきcheckered, varied, misfortune
じゅず, ずず, じゅじゅrosary, string of beads
すうひゃくseveral hundreds
すうびょうseveral seconds
すうりょうquantity, volume
すうせきseveral (boats)
すうせきのふねseveral boats
ねつぼうちょうけいすうthermal expansion coefficient
さいかとんすうdeadweight tonnage
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