meaning "grate, rub, scratch, scrape, chafe, scour"
onyomi サツ
kunyomi す.る, す.れる, -ず.れ, こす.る, こす.れる
擦るこするto rub, to chafe, to file, to frost (glass)
まさつfriction, rubbing, rubdown, chafe (n,vs)
あば擦れあばずれa bitch
擦りつけるすりつける, こすりつけるto rub against, to nuzzle against (e.g. dog nosing a person); to strike (a match)
擦りガラスすりガラスground glass
擦りすりきず, かすりきず, こすりきずscratch, graze, abrasion
擦れるすれるto rub, to chafe, to wear, to become sophisticated
ちょうせきまさつtidal friction
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