meaning "snapshot, take pictures"
onyomi サツ
kunyomi と.る, つま.む, -ど.り
撮るとるto take (a photo) (u-v)
さつえいphotographing (n,vs)
を撮しゃしんをとるto take a picture
ハメ撮りハメどりphotographing or filming of sex
ひとつまみpinch (of something), one piece; easy victory
撮みひとつまみpinch (of something), one piece; easy victory
撮みつまみknob, handle, button; (file) handle; snack (to have with a drink), side dish; a pinch (e.g. of salt); picking, harvesting
撮むつまむto pinch, to hold, to pick up
撮れるとれるto be photographed; to be able to photograph
とくさつspecial effects, SFX
とくしゅさつえいspecial effects, SFX
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