meaning "withdraw, draw in, hold back, refrain from, be m"
onyomi コウ
きそこうじょbasic or standard deduction
し控えるさしひかえるto be moderate, to not do too much
控えてびかえnote, memorandum; holding oneself back
控えるてびかえるto hang (hold) back, to hold off, to refrain, to reduce or cut back on; to jot down a note
控えひかえreserve, spare, backup; note, memorandum; duplicate, copy, stub (of a ticket, etc.); waiting one''s turn
ひかえしつwaiting room
こうそkoso appeal (initial appeal to a higher court)
こうじょsubtraction, deduction (e.g. tax), subsidy
い控えかいびかえrestrained buying
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