meaning "hold, have"
kunyomi も.つ, -も.ち, も.てる
持つもつto hold, to own
持ちもちぬしthe owner, the possessor, the proprietor
持ちちからもちa powerful person, a person with great strength
じさんbringing, taking, carrying (n,vs)
持ちげるもちあげるto raise, to lift up, to flatter (v1)
持ってもってくるbring (thing)
持ちきもちa feeling
持ちもちものone''s property
するじぞくするto continue
いじmaintenance, preservation (n,vs)
持ちもちはこぶto bring, to carry
お・持ちかねもち/おかねもちrich man (n)
持ちかねもちrich man (n)
きょうじsecuring rights and profits
せ持つあわせもつto own (something) as well
ほじretention, maintenance, preservation
けんじholding on to, sticking to
こもちこんぶkelp with herring roe (sushi type)
ふちration, stipend, allowance
はじgrasp, hold, grip
持ちもちhold, charge, keep possession, in charge; wear, durability, life, draw; usage
持ちもちあじinherent flavor, inherent flavour, distinctive characteristic
持ちもちかぶstock holdings, one''s shares
持ちもちぐされunused possession
持ちもちこすto carry over, to carry forward, to keep (for later), to defer
持ち込むもちこむto lodge, to take something into ..., to bring in
持ちもちごまa captured piece than can be reused (shogi), a person or object held in reserve, available means
じきゅうendurance, persistence
じごGo game resulting in tie or draw
しじsupport, maintenance
いじひmaintenance costs
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