meaning "pick up, gather, find, go on foot, ten"
onyomi シュウ, ジュウ
kunyomi ひろ.う
拾うひるうto pick up; to find; to gather
しゅうしゅうcontrol, settling, coping
拾いいのちびろいnarrow escape from death
じゅうten (used in legal documents)
拾いものひろいものa find; windfall, bargain
拾いげるひろいあげるto pick up, to pick out
拾いひろいものa find; windfall, bargain
しゅうとくpicking up, finding
拾いたまひろいfetching balls; ball boy
拾いおちぼひろいact of picking up crop left after harvesting, name of painting by Millet
拾いたきぎひろいfirewood gathering
きんじゅうまんえん100,000 Yen
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