meaning'fasten, tie up, arrest, constrict'
いっかつall together, batch, one lump, one bundle, summing up
括めひとくるめone bunch, one bundle, one lot
いっかつはらいlump-sum payment
まるがっこparentheses, round parentheses
ほうかつinclusion, complete coverage, comprehensiveness
みぎちゅうかっこclosing brace
みぎしょうかっこclosing parenthesis
括りつけるくくりつけるto fasten (a person) to
括るくくるto tie up, to tie together, to bundle, to fasten, to hang (oneself)
括れくびれconstriction, narrow part, wrinkle
括れるくびれるto be constricted
かっこparenthesis, brackets
とうかつunification; control, supervision
そうかつsynthesis, recap, generalize, generalise
そうかつしゅさいしゃ(electoral) campaign manager
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