meaning "fold, break, fracture, bend, yield, submit"
onyomi セツ
kunyomi お.る, おり, お.り, -お.り, お.れる
うせつturn right
折るおるto break, to fold, to pick a flower (u-v)
折れるおれるto break, to be folded, to give in, to turn
うせつきんしcannot turn right
させつきんしleft-handed; southpaw
せっかくwith trouble, at great pains, long-awaited
こっせつbone fracture (n)
わようせっちゅうa blending of Japanese and Western styles
くっせつbending, indentation; refraction; inflection; warping (e.g. of opinion, reasoning, etc.), distortion
おりchance, suitable time
折からおりから, おりがらjust then, at that time, right then, at that moment; appropriate moment
折りにれておりにふれてoccasionally, on opportunity
折りおりあいmutual relations, compromise
折りおりたたみつくえfolding desk
折りおりがみorigami (paper folding)
折りおりづるfolded paper crane
せっちゅうcompromise, cross, blending, eclecticism
せっちゅうあんcompromise proposal
おりづるfolded paper crane
挫折ざせつfrustration, setback, discouragement
きょくせつwindings, meanderings, complications
がぞくせっちゅうblending of the classical and colloquial styles
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